blue fish productions

A boutique digital video production company based in Santa Barbara, California.

One Man's Trash
Welcome to SB Channels

We are:

Trudy Bartlett  - screenwriter, filmmaker (producer, director, and in general the "what")

Stephen Bartlett  - cinematographer, filmmaker (producer, director, and in general the "how")

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Mailing Address:
1800 El Encanto Rd. #3
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

We completed our first short, One Man's Trash, on December 15, 2003.  In this 6 minute film, an Aladdin's lamp journeys from trash to treasure as it passes through the lives of various owners.

We completed our second piece, the award-winning Welcome to Santa Barbara Channels, on May 7, 2004.  It is a 15 minute infomercial-style documentary about public access television in the Santa Barbara area.

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